The Walk Of Peace (Slovenia)

 The Walk of Peace links and bring closer the culture, nature and local people who had to flee their homes
and where more than 300,000 soldiers lost their lives during the First World War. As they say themselves, this is a reminder of how stupid the wars are, and in support of the values and opportunities if we all move together.
Along the walk of peace, which extends from the south-west to the north of Slovenia, you can do many routes, passing by caves, passageways and trenches that the army built around the mountains and along the Soca river ,to maintain strategic points and facilitate provisioning.
Walking along what was the front of the Isonzo you also have the opportunity to see open air museums, chapels, cemeteries of the war and some breathtaking scenery.

 Visitor center  “The Walk of Peace”

Gregorčičeva 8, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia

GPS: 46.24683, 13.58078