From Serbia to Hungary.

Javi, Lidia and Torrente!?

Ready to cross the border again.

As our usual selves we got ready for the crossing a few minutes before, we don`t want them to stop us and turn ‘La Furgo’ upside down. We prepare the papers and get tidied up. Lidia remove her piercing from her nose, tied her hair back and put on her glasses like a good girl, because that’s what she is.

Javi shave, take out his earrings and put on shirt with tears or holes. He can`t do much with his hair as he doesn’t have that much.

As we get closer we can see a couple of the policemen hitting the doors on some cars and vans. “That is it, they are going to stop us for sure”, we thought .

We only have several doors with thermal/acoustic insulation, therefore, if you do hit them, some sound as though they are solid and others sound as if they are hollow. Suspicious!

One of the policemen prowled around the van whilst the other one came up to the window and asked for our documents. Whilst looking at us he read:

– Lidia Ge…

-Javier Gar…

and started to put his head into the van, as though he was looking for something, and then comes out with:

– Jose Luis Torrente!! and starts laughing!

Jose Luis Torrente? We could have expected anything , but never that Torrente adventures were going to reached Hungary. Actually the policeman had a certain similarity to the Torrente!

We got our documents back and in less than 5 minutes we had crossed the border.



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