Dream fulfilled – Humpback Whales

If I had a Bucket List “things to do before you die”, certainly I would write in capital letters; TO SEE AND FEEL A WHALE JUMPING IN THE OCEAN RIGTH NEXT TO ME. When she jumped I did not think she would be so big, so pretty, so spectacular. My imagination never went so far.

The warm waters of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica awaits every years the great migrations of hundreds of Humpback Whale that leave the frozen waters of the Antarctic, beginning  like that a life cycle under the sea that keeps sparkling on its surface.

After 11 months of gestation and after traveling thousands of miles the females are ready to give birth. Here begins a beautiful story within a process of teaching and learning that lasts only 1 year, after this time both of them have gotten back to the poles, and a new and different path lies ahead for each one. It is then when the full and entire dedication and attachment that the mother has wrapped her baby with seems to vanish into the immensity of the ocean. Next year they will dance separately.

During this year the calves, whose weight at birth is around 2 tons, are totally dependent on their mothers, and although 2000 kilos may seem a lot, it is not enough for them to sleep underwater without being brought to the surface, so they huddle under the 40 tons that make their mother one of the most spectacular animals in the ocean.

The acrobatics in the water, the jumps and flips that let many of use speechless and the melodies that the mothers emit in the water are unique lessons that the pups never have to forget. It is curious how all the whales that share the same geographic areas also share a unique but changing melody, to which they add notes and sounds that reinvent songs again and again, songs that will never be repeated. The songs are related to food, courtship, competition and upbringing, but only they know what they really mean.

No less surprising is the ability that the humpback whales have developed to feed themselves; groups of up to 10 whales can gather to collaborate one with the others around an improvised feast in the middle of the ocean. When the whales locate big fish banks they submerge themselves releasing hundreds of bubbles while swimming in spiral around the fish bank. Like that they round up their prey until the whale group leader emits a sound that stuns the krill and marks the beginning of a feast.

Several years ago SEBASTIAN SILVA and BELEN ALCORTA let the magic of the sea drag them into a dream called PACIFICO ADVENTURES. They gave shaped to a project that is based on self-financing, what allows them to investigate, develop and protect the natural wealth of the Peruvian sea. This project is also a window to the sea for all of us that what to discover how great nature is.

From the end of July until October, in front of Los Órganos, on the north coast of Peru, these acrobats of more than 17 meters length award us with a lifetime memory.

Humpback whale jumping

Pacífico Adventures team


Pretty pelicans around the Humpback whale watching

An old oil platform converted into a home for Sea Lions, Seals, Blue-footed Boobies, Cormorants, …

Different kind of shark jaws – Pacifico Adventures Museum


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