Bosnia and the Pokémons

In Bosnia you can still seeing the consequences that a war leaves behind. Not only bullets holes remains on the walls of some houses, or the differences between Muslims, Serbs and Croats are still very present, but the delimited areas where entrance is forbidden because landmines are still hidden and buried, become the scenery of a game where teenagers walk in trying to hunt a Pokémo.

The stupidity has no limits.

Since the end of the war in 1995 almost 2000 people have been victims of accidents due to landmines. And until today almost 600 have died.

Many of those explosives have been disabled year after years, but thousands of them remain buried in the country, and what is worse, the big floods in the recent years have displaced many of the mines, making it very hard to locate them. Because of the heavy floods, some have been found in villages and also in the backyard of some houses.

It is easy to spot those signs on the sides of the road or walking in some locations in the forest, signs that forbid access to these areas. And without a doubt we were surprised to read the news where different organizations were asking young people not to venture themselves in this zones, and not to risk their life trying to catch imaginary dolls.

Here there are some photos of our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jajce village

Jajce views



Sarajevo – Never again

Sand Pyramids


Sarajevo view

Bazaar Sarajevo


where the east meet the west


Sarajevo cementery


Kravice Waterfalls

Border with Montenegro


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