Amazon Trip


From the air the Amazon river forms the image of a over 6000 km snake that crosses a green mantle where a world full of life and legends is hidden, in which the icaros of the shamans invoke to Yacuruna (demon of the water ), god of the low jungle.

The aboriginal cosmovision in the Amazon maintains a balance with nature; all animals have an owner, a spirit, a god to respected, and to whom something must be given in return for the food he provides. So when you want to fish, you talk to Yacuruna; “Chooky, pimpina pipira” (Sister give me your babies), and in return you offer him fruits, coca or other foods so that he also satisfies his appetite.

From Iquitos, a city that for some grows on the shell of Motelo Mama, a gigantic tortoise, we enter the jungle through the world’s largest river, the Amazon.

The brown waters that flood the Amazon reach up to 8 meters in winter, covering trees, lagoons and scattering throughout the jungle the life that is submerged in it. Trees disappear, lagoons cease to be, fishing get complicated and the villagers row in their canoes where in summer the tangle of vegetation will not even allow you to walk through. Navigating in summer between the high walls of the hundreds of rivers that reach the Amazon makes it hard to believe that months later, when the rain begins to fall, everything will be different. The width of the river can reach over 50 kilometers.

For us, the night hides the true magic of the jungle, it explodes when the sun falls and the owners of the same begin to crawl while the tree tops shout in the most spectacular choir we have ever heard, another world is born, and by the hand of the beauty that means to feel this, goes the fear of knowing that when walking among the jungle you become an intruder in foreign territory. Some are afraid to get lost among the more than 390 thousand millions trees that form the jungle and others will never wander alone where La Sachamama rests and wanders the whistle of El Tunche.

But that is the essence of the Amazon, animals that with a slight bite would kill you and plants that would heal you, spirits of evil and spirits of good, the purest darkness under the tree and at the same time the dazzling light of a radiant sun over its cup. Where I only see vegetation, the shamans and doctors of the jungle distinguish between dozens of leaves, branches and plants the medicines that have kept the aborigines as one of the most long-lived populations in the world, despite the diseases and abuses that past “adventurers” brought them.

Thus, Francisco de Orellana, a conqueror or maybe more appropriate it would be to say an invader, was who thanks to the Amazons who fought against him, or perhaps thanks to his own awkwardness to pronounce a word of indigenous origin, have given the name to this colossus that sails from the Andes into the Atlantic Ocean.

Others like Julio Cesar Arana believed to own the jungle and the white blood emanating from each Siringa tree. He enslaved and tortured thousands of indigenous people with the purpose of extracting from this tree the precious rubber that marks an era in the Amazon. Fortunately you can still see these specimens whose taste like almond milk. Unfortunately nothing happened to him after being report for his abuses.

From the trees also hangs the rope that allows the spirits to leave the body without it dies. The Ayahuasca in Quechua or Nishi Cobin (drink of wisdom) in the Shipibo language, has for hundreds of years been the door that shamans open to whom wants to reach a modified consciousness, hidden emotions or want ot face the deepest encounter with itself. The sessions of Ayahuasca extend through the jungle with the promise of curing diseases or addictions, internal conflicts and raise us to a state after which the body is purified.

Let the Amazone Garden Eco lodge take you inside a book full of history, in which the leaves taste like sugar cane juice and pink dolphins jump from page to page.

Entering the Amazon rainforest has been an unforgettable experience that we will repeat. We have only scratched the surface of something immense, but with enough strength to make a small hole and see everything we can learn from it.

Soon we will return to the Amazon!

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Amazon Garden Ecolodge

Happy into the Jungle

Magic Sunrise

MomĂłn River


Spiny Caterpillar


Red Macaw

Awesone Jungle

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