Great people. You are the trip.

 You suddenly appear and always leave a long lasting memory. You, the people we meet on the way chasing their dream on foot, by bicycle, by motorbike or by van towards their own adventure, you, the ones who already travelled our  way and now give us advise, the ones who wants to start now and just begin to follow us, the ones who widely open their houses to us, the ones who read our blog, the ones who want us to visit them, the ones who are always willing to help… with you we have shared stories, experiences, breakfasts, laughs, walks, kilometres together and amazing places.  Without knowing us, you have opened up your doors to us, invited to family gatherings and to get to know your traditions.
You have invited us to come back again.
Some of you we have already seen again but others we will see you soon.
THANK YOU to everyone for sharing.
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